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I love watching Yanis Marshall and all of his choreography videos.  I'm a working choreographer and I teach on the Dance Convention circuit, along with judging dance competitions and choreographing for various dance studios.....and I enjoy his work!! It's not technically proficient, but it is very entertaining and energetic!! The fact that he dances in heels, most of the what makes it so fascinating!! I would love to be in his class and try to dance in heels!! It would be a truly fun day of dance for me. 

Every choreographer draws their inspiration from various people, places, and things......yes we all borrow, copy, bit, steal......whatever word you wanna use......each other's choreography. It's just habit and nature of the beasts. 

Getting the recognition and the correct an ongoing issue with dancers and as long as Yanis Marahall and everyone else, that has a camera in their face and awesome articles being written about them by thus particular media's a win for us all!!