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Stop this petty arguing. What does it accomplish? I have been beaten for being gay and loved for being who I am. The question of love is individual not a matter for public display. The question and purpose of what was on the show was about legality and acceptance how can any of us hope to be accepting and loving of others if we all sit in hate. And let me be clear this kind of arguing is hate meant to prickle the skin and push the buttons. I for one may not agree with religion but I would die to make sure the people who do believe could. Freedom is not about sacrificing personal belief but about affording others the right to believ. Giving that Right denotes an inner strength and conviction that we all should strive to have. It means though there are many other ways to think and we could choose any we have chosen and not been forced to choose. How may of you would want to be forced? By that means we be come weak and internally so resentment and suffering become the lot of he who is forced to abide. Thus without choice there can not be any who have chosen.