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The Nazi's were Christians. The Westboro Baptist Church is Christian. 100s of pedophile Catholic priests are Christian. I have been in church for more years than some commenters here have been alive. And I am ultimately disgusted with and fear the levels of hate, intolerance, hate speak, and intended violence with which "proud Christians" associate. Being Christian does not give you special

rights, and hating and threatening others will not bring you into the house of The Lord. Christianity has become cold and angry and deeply intolerant, if messages here are any indicator. The Lord Christ himself brought sexual sin into his world and healed it through tolerance re: Mary Magdalene. Nothing is more dangerous than a righteous heart filled with hate, who believes they act in the interest of God. You read YOUR books--you will find writing about how words of hate go unannointed, and draw good hearts to sin. I no longer feel comfortable raising children in the church. There is more hate and elitism there than anyone is willing to admit. If Natalie left because the violence on this board is in her heart as well, I am happy she left before more people were exposed to her.