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"I walked out." Posted at 11:22pm on Jan 26//An innocent (public) tweet by @nataliegrant in reply to an innocent question tweeted by @shearamsey : "how do you feel about being at the Grammys right now?" 

"I walked out." PERIOD. 13 characters. To the pure, these words were and are pure, but 1 twitter handle desired to pursue their own agenda. "I walked out." was labeled as "hate speech" and with the stroke of a hashtag---hate, twisted truth, and division moved across cyberspace. And to what end? If I look for hate then I will most likely create it. Fans of Ms. Grant know her 3 words were pure because the heart in her music and good works is pure. As Believers we will choose to do good, even in the face of hate. 

(Titus 1:15-16;Matt 5:44)