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How can this kind of love disgust anyone or "threaten" anyone's marriage?  If anything, it INSPIRES MORE LOVE into the world.  MORE PEOPLE LIKE THESE TWO PLEASE - regardless of sexual orientation!

To the haters out there, which are mostly religious bigots (oh surprise...), SHAME ON YOU!  Stop living in the Dark Ages and educate yourselves with some scientific FACTS: homosexuality is a NATURAL phenomenon which exists in MANY species, not just the human race, and people are BORN with whatever sexual orientation they have (just like the colour of their eyes or the shape of their nose) SO LET THEM ENJOY IT!  What they, or anyone, for that matter, do with their sexy bits is absolutely none of your business!  You're the disgusting ones, polluting love with your lies and denial of the truth.

Of course, many of you religious zealots like to completely ignore scientific facts because they disprove your fragile beliefs (and shatter your equally fragile egos) and I know you do not have the courage to question your beliefs, much less reevaluate your entire life, so I wonder why I even bother...  Maybe because I have the hope that some of you are not a lost cause and can still be reasoned with. 

Anyway, don't you have anything better to do than hate, hate, hate?  What about the whole "love thy neighbor" your "god" keeps talking about?  Your making a VERY poor example of it here, let me tell you.  (And, btw, I'm sure the word "neighbor" is meant as a metaphor for "people in general" - I know you guys can be way too literal for your own good, so I figured I'd clarify that for you, delusional lot.)

There is no god and if there was and it was as you define it, it would be a supreme asshole and almighty bully.  Who in their right mind and, more importantly, in their right HEART would want to emulate someone like that?  YUCK!  Your "god" is making you a lesser person, as your hateful reactions to this beautiful love story prove it. 

But if you insist on holding on to your denial, then I'll speak to you with your own lingo: go pray, FERVENTLY, for your god TO PUT MORE LOVE IN YOUR HEARTS, if the truth isn't enough to open your eyes and your heart, because the hate you're displaying is your devil's work and its worm is, quite evidently, eating you from the inside.

DAVID AND LUCAS - Ignore the haters, they are clearly not qualified to even have an opinion of their own (never mind a healthy one), much less to judge you.  I've never met you, but even halfway through this clip, I could already tell you are BEAUTIFUL people, inside and out.  You are on the right path to true, solid happiness: you have a great sense of humor, you are playful and brave and open-minded and imaginative.  Those are the most important ingredients, and you can NEVER put too much of those in the recipe!  I don't know if you have plans on having children one day, but I have absolutely no doubt you'd make awesome dads and raise great human beings.

MC xoxoxo...!
(I'm not gay, but I'm an ally.)