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Great point Tim, pedophiles are mainly heterosexual males, as learned in a class by nurses as I was signed up as a helper for the lower grades. A video about the pervs they usually work in with children, easy access, some have played with their children, and documented cases are heterosexual males who commit these acts on children, these wierdos as misfits to society or loosers or loners. Male and female have gotten divorce and this is not sanctifying our marriages, marry for life unless its unGodly to be in the marriage and no way to stay in it.There are some on here, lets go nameless, and faceless, cause he is mental, are not worth my time talking to them, oh its so funny that I forgot to laugh, kind of thing, you dontargue with a 5 year old or a mental person, you cant make sense to a bunch of nonsense in a conversation. Oh and dont think I dont have a come back.