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That passage is COMPLETELY different than the original Hebrew.  The New Testament doesn't refer to homosexuality ANYWHERE in its entirety.  The Old Testament did, but that's why Jesus came to change the mistakes of the past.  It is highly likely that Jesus himself was gay.  He never married, he hung out with 12 men, one of which was Paul, who was a hater of women.  Jesus hung out with Mary Magdaline, a prostitute who encouraged and loved.

Its unfortunate that there is a contingency (although ever growing smaller), who like to judge people on words that were never written in the New Testament. 

As well, it would be very interesting to hear your view on the fact that there is homosexuality everywhere in the animal kingdom.  Do you think gay dogs, or gay cats or gay horses....are going to hell because they "choose" to be gay?  That would be as ridiculous as assuming that you know better than GOD to make people exactly the way they were meant to be.  Love is love.  I am so thankful that GOD made so many beautiful differences in the world.  You're different too, and there is still time for you to learn.  Stop playing God, get yourself a dose of humility and accept that all of the people and the animals of earth were created the way that they were meant to be.

Be love, be loving, accept love and thank God for all of his creatures.