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Taylah- i don't believe in looking for stuff that just isn't there either. You have to admit u type pro-gay statements u get "ooops, lets pretend u didn't just try that". U realize someone had to actually input that response right? What would u call that if not actively censoring positive labels... Put faggot, n no problem. Even though i don't look for things obviously not present.. I.e. one or both hemispheres of your brain. There is no denying they are going out of there way to promote the "moral standard" currently prevalent in that region. Basically, 'when in Rome: for financial gain'. If yur demographic, ignorant is non-congruantly associated with age or social class, was thrown 'under the proverbial bus' with such transparent disregard for 'your' groups' ability to disrupt there loyal customer base, you'd holler too. Assuming by then your mental aptitude for basic reading comprehension may have turned for the better, sharply and dramatically of course.. =)