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(To Trigga Tre) - I am a proud gay black male and I COMPLETELY agree with you. Chad has a right to say NO Thanks. The pictures that are being sent are nasty and disrespectful rather from a guy or girl. If a man is straight then gay dudes should at least be respectful. There is nothing wrong with saying This is not my thing and No Thanks and STOP!!! We all have the right to say STOP IT!!! he was as respectful as he could be (To Doesn't Matter) he is not homophobic just honest. The problem is people cant be honest with us gays because we feel very attacked already (which is true) however if a straight man is telling you I don't mind gay people but stop sending nude pics then STOP sending ass shots. it's real simple. This is the type of behavior that makes the world believe we have no morals or boundaries. STOP IT!!! it incites more hatred and less tolerance.