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On Feb. 6, 2014 I will complete my one yr. of sobriety. I could not had done it without the help of AA. I tried on my own to quit, only to end up drunk and wasted again and again.  Anytime I here of someone dyeing because of alcohol or drugs.. I understand what they were going through, but I also wish they would had made it through the doors of a 12 step program.  I am grateful for AA and my sponsor and the blue book. . I will pray for you and for all those still suffering.  i remember the first meeting I went to. Somebody said  "you can get lock up, covered up, or sobered up."  I think about that all the time when I think about having a drink.  the 1st. Step. does not say.. you have to admit that you are an alcoholic or and addict. The first step says. We addmitted we were powerless over alcohol-that our ives have become unmanagable.  One day at a time.