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That is what I always say!!! The bible is not a "pure" document of anything. It is a book of lessons and a guide to living a good life. A king took out parts so he could get the first divorce, we all know that. The fact that there is more than one version, different factions with different beliefs tell you that religion is inbred. You can believe what you want to believe, but make sure the next time a tornado runs thru Kansas that you don't ask for help from a gay person because they might turn you and your straight family away. They more than likely wouldn't do that because we ALWAYS rise about the crap, but it would be a hard lesson learned if they do treat you the way you treat us. How shameful. The south is going to become one big festering hate filled region. Hope they don't count on tourism. Gays have more money to spend on vacations, just remember that Kansas!