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How exactly do you measure oppression? It starts somewhere. Just because you don't see it as "equal" not doesn't mean it won't or can't get that bad. And keep in mind, there are places in the world where being gay IS a sentence on equal terms of being of an ethnicity someone doesn't like. 

Please. Your ancestry doesn't give you authority to say that one oppression is greater than another. It's all the same in the end. It's all hate. It's all bigotry and ignorance, and you're a part of it when you inadvertantly defend it. We SHOULD be comparing it-- because the further we separate and segregate, the closer we get to your bitching about equal oppression becoming moot when it does become equal, it does get to that level. What happens when LGBT are being denied house loans so they have to move into low income housing? Are segregated into "poor neighborhoods" because they're being denied goods and services equal to heterosexuals? Have to sign onto jobs that trap them in labor-cycles analagous to having to sell oneself into slavery? 

Maybe no one stole an LGBT from another country and forced them into labor, but if you got the honest truth from those who want to keep the LGBT community down, how much do you want to bet that's what's in their hearts? It's frankly insulting and cowardly. Don't join the fight. We don't need you.