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Tara - I think the meaning of the picture is not to show equal measure between the tragically embarrassing historic events of oppression in America (anyone who participates in that is trying to win a pissing contest to see who shot the shortest). It isn't down playing or disrespectful. I believe the meaning in the photo is saying "Where does the oppression stop this time?" "How far will it go?" "Will we once again take away the humanity of a community?" It is showing that America has been down this path before and does not need hurt more of it's children.

All I know is my reality, and I know that I have dealt with bigotry and hate. So what is the point of putting a grading scale on oppression? Is there really worth saying one was worse than another? I would ask you to put your frustration toward relieving us from the illness of oppression, and not prolong the struggle for any community.