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Good for Kansas! If you're gay or a lesbo that's your decision just like it's these peoples decisions not to serve you if you're some flaming homo and they don't want you in their business... I understand not all gay people act like this and some are respectful in public which is how everyone should act but it seems like it's becoming more and more "popular" and a choice nowadays... Didn't know because you were gay that you had to talk like a pansy and be over dramatic.

Obviously GOD created man and woman to be together and if you don't agree with this FACT then you're a moron... I just don't get why any man would think another mans hairy man shaped ass or any other part of a man is sexually desirable?!?!  My lady has a cornhole too and its a heck of a lot better looking than any guys ass. So just put it in her a@@ and hopefully you'll see the error of your ways... I guess its a good thing that most of you won't procreate. Haven't you all realized that our society in general nowadays is getting worse and worse?  The fact that all our morales are getting thrown out the door and we're not raising children the right way is the start to almost all of our fundamental problems with society. Almost all the gays and lesbo's I've known have some major issues... Is that a coincidence?? I know we all have our problems but overall more gays and lesbo's have a lot more mental issues and are sick in the head. And you know its true even if you're not one of the super pervs sticking your d@ck in anything that moves.... I've overheard stories.

The good news is it's not too late to turn from your wrong ways and read God's word and accept the truth before it's too late. I know none of us are perfect and I'm being judgmental but I'm sooo sick of all this politically correct bs nowadays and it's wrong to speak your opinion if it's not pro-gay. I'm not gonna lose any sleep if you don't choose to believe the truth and open your eye's...  We're all sinners but the main idea about believing in GOD and being Christian is actively trying to be a better person and to "Sin Less....." For all you who ignorantly say there is no God well what if you're wrong?!?! You will spend eternity in Hell in constant unbearable never ending teeth grinding pain. And GOD doesn't send people to hell, you make that choice!! So on the flip side if I'm wrong (and I know I'm not) I got nothing to lose!! And you have everything to lose.... There are countless stories about people dieing going to heaven or hell and returning to tell their stories. There's hundred's of documented facts and prophecies in the bible have all been 100% accurate. And there's no arguing with FACTS. Heck they even discovered Noah's Ark....

The reason why there are all these problems and bs in our world nowadays is because God gave us humans freewill!! He didn't create robot's, he wants us to choose to believe in him. That's how you're forgiven and have salvation in Heaven with NO pain, No Suffering and eternal happiness. ALL sins are forgivable in GODS eye's but your have to really mean it and open your heart and soul to GOD and ask for forgiveness. Maybe by the grace of GOD the truth will get through to at least one of you... Why not look into it you got nothing to lose and everything to gain!! YOutube is a good start to see real testimonials. OHH and yes I know I was pretty offensive but I'm a Marine and more of a warrior Christian at heart so I'm not like your average person preaching so to speak...