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Shall I begin with the fact that "Warrior Christian" is an Oxymoron? In point of fact, the man you profess to follow was a peaceful, gentle individual who believed that you should "love thy neighbor as thyself." No mention was ever made of a loophole allowing you to renege if you didn't like his/her sexual orientation. But then, from the tone of your comment, I would say you likely don't love yourself very much either. I can certainly see why you wouldn't...

As far as your religion being the basis for law in the U.S.: this country was not founded as a religious state, and I for one intend to work to see that it remains a secular state. Also, I would suggest that you may well be naming your beliefs erroneously. If you prefer to find your guidance in the Old Testament rather than the New, you should look into Judaism. The old Testament is in fact, the Torah. It is the religious base that Christ was brought up with, and which he chose to preach against. That is why you never read of him espousing "an eye for an eye, " etc.

In closing, you seem to be certain that yours is the only correct religious viewpoint. I must ask: Who told you that all of your beliefs were right and everyone else's were wrong? Personally, I follow a MUCH older Religion, and I do believe you will look quite the fool when you stand before the Goddess Hel to be judged. 'Warrior' or no, I cannot believe you stand a prayer of making it into Valhalla. My Gods don't want anything to do with your type.