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As a gay man for the last 46 years soon to turn 70, I envy the magnificent bodies but I also know the pitfalls.  I have stayed in good shape since my days as a young Sergeant in the Military.  When I came out at age 24, gay men were not focused on 8% body fat muscle boys with 10"  shlongs.  If you were cute, someone wanted to bed down with you.  Today's gay narcissism (among some) has gone over the edge and has reached unhealthy levels.  I have been committed to fitness since age 20, but I accepted long ago I'd never have the cover mag model body.  Even without supplements, many "super bods" work out endless hours; and I do mean endless.  And then there are the men who have been blessed with perfect genes.  I knew one like that while serving in the US MIL.  He was gorgeous; drop dead gorgeous with a perfect body.  He NEVER worked out.  But, at the time I was in gay denial and he would not have been into what I eventually learned about myself.  For me, a man with a well kept body, good mind, awesome butt (yeah, I know) and reasonable endowment is perfection.