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Tommy's mother has a right to her own opinion, but she does need to learn some tact! While everyone seems to think things have changed, unfortunately out of earshot they haven't. I still get into debates constantly, when I try to defend my gay friends. I'm a photographer and have photographed or edited many same-sex weddings and although many are joyous, the majority are still filled with shell shocked relatives and guests putting forth an extreme effort support their same sex couple friends and relatives, you can see it in their faces and their fake expressions that they are stressed or embarrassed about it and are trying not to be. Personally to each their own to me, love has no gender. I am 100% for legalizing these relationships, but it will take a few more generations to make it all commonplace. Till then we need to be patient and accept that homophobia still exists although some people try their best to fight it, personally some of us are still working on it. Sending a note like this to a radio station is not cool in my book it should have been addressed personally with a whisper. He who speaks the softest gets heard the loudest.