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Why will she "become a voice that will change this world" because a parent told her 2 gay dads that they don't believe in their lifestyle?!   The only thing these 2 gay dads have done is belittle another human being for expressing her opinion, and attempt to get others to bully that human being.  How is that "changing this world" ?!    For all you know, because her 2 gay dads chose to disrespect another human being's valid opinion, little Sophia might not feel she is able to express herself and her hetero lifestyle to her parents. Little Sophia might then struggle in school and become a stripper due to her fathers' inability to accept the hetero lifestyle. 

NO ONE has to throw you people a parade just because you are homos. NO ONE has to happily sacrifice their beliefs to bring their child to your homo parties to make you people happy. Take your bandwagon back to the garage where it belongs - out of site.