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I am a gay male in my 40's that's been with my partner, now husband for many many years. 

YOU WROTE, ,,,,, .   Why is it that members of the LGBT community are allowed to scream their opinions from bullhorns as they parade down main street but heterosexuals are supposed to sit down, shut up, and wildly clap in approval regardless of their own personal beliefs?!  If you people truly want EQUALITY, then it means that EVERYONE is free to voice their opinions.  I will happily tell Tommy's mom that she can no longer express her hetero beliefs the moment I can tell Sophia's dads they can't express their homo beliefs.  Until then - what's good for the homo is good for the Straight.


For hundreds of years and mainly the last 4 decades the LGBT community "individuals as myself" does believe that you have the right to voice your opinion and belief system. Not everyone belief in the same thing. It's in which that manor comes along. Not everyone agrees with the LGBT agenda or way of life, however, the issue that the LGBT has a problem with "straights" opening your opinion is sometimes hateful." In my life I saw a friend shot dead in front of me for being gay because he was holding his boyfriends hand walking down the street. Another friend was leaving a dance club with his boyfriend when he was jumped by "straight" people and put into the hospital for 14 months, I personally was beaten up from the 5th grade to the 8th grade almost everyday for being gay. I tired to hide the fact that I was gay, but they saw through me. ....It got to the point that I had to drop out of school in the 8th grade because I could not take it anymore. I have seen straight people kick their own child on the street with no where to live at the age of 13 because they told their parents they were gay, have the nerve to ask why we "LGBT" have parades, and make a point to make it as acceptance and normal in society.... Because we got tired of being killed, beaten, and abused because of who we are. All I ask is look at it from "OUR" VIEW POINT. We are all human beings and should all be treated with equal respect, love, and compassion. When we stop helping others is when we stop being human. 

At no point have we, "myself" or any other gay person I know ever asked any "straight" person to sit down, shut up, and wildly clap in approval regardless of their own personal beliefs. 

I welcome everyone's personal belief system, but when it comes in the form of hurting another human, we draw the line. We should however have an open and mature conversation regarding differences in others. Is that what we are taught to belief, and what make us free. Is to accept those who are not like us. Heck, if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place to live.  

You also stated what's good for the homo is good for the straight. Does this mean that you feel all LGBT persons should have the right to marriage? We all have the right to be happy and to live our life in peace without harm from "straight" people!

I accept your short paragraph regarding a very narrow stereotype of how the LGBT community thinks and feels, but I do not accept it has truth. Have you ever tired to sit and talk with a gay person and asked them what are their struggles with being gay or with straights are? I welcome you to take the first step in understanding someone other than your own. 

Myself, and my partner have many friends, both gay, straight, men, women, old, and young. We have learned that we can accept the differences in other regardless of how one lives. It's those differences that make us a better person, and allows us to grow, learn, and show compassion towards all human beings on earth. 

We are all from God!!! He made us and is responsible for his creation within us. We have learned to stop hating God within us and loving him for allowing him to give me this wonderful life. 

Lastly, I would like to wish her a happy birthday, and allow them to become friends and celebrate the life that God gave us. 

My only goal for you is to open your heart and to love one another as God's number one rule. Love thy Neighbor.