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You may be gay but that does not mean you are by any reach open minded. Nor does that mean you are by association a great parent. The only thing sad is when adults demonize sexuality to the point sex becomes a taboo topic. I am sorry but your grand parents had sex, your parents had sex, you have sex, and one day your daughter will have sex! Just because you don't like the fact people are sexual beings doesn't mean that the risks disappear. I applaud this woman because she respected her child enough to see A) He is a sexual being. B) She should have knocked. C) She made sure that it wouldn't happen again by accident with the door knob which locks. You know the only thing sad to me is that in this day and time when homosexuality is just now being normalized in view that backwards views like yours come along. Your view is right at home with the views that gays can exist but lets just keep quiet in our closets. Because may be if we don't talk about sex then all the risks will disappear, the acceptance of sex as a vital part of "healthy" lives will also disappear making it a out of site and out of mind issue, and in general the morality police won't be able to "slut shame" individuals who enjoy it or who end up being abused by it.