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I watched a program on the History Channel that researched the Bible. Sodom and Ghomorrah were never linked to homosexuality. It's the other way around; bible thumpers started calling homosexuals sodomites because of the perceived immorality of those two cities. Also, they weren't amoral because of homosexuality, they were immoral because no one invited (moses? I forget.) and his family into their homes and they treated them like outsiders instead of the standard form of human respect which the Bible teaches.

On a seperate note, scientists have been anylizing the destruction of those two cities, as well as others that have happend. For example, in Egypt when the sea went red, it was more than likely a huge algae bloom. Look at the North East of America and Canada, it happens there too. The whole event with everyone's first born son dying and then the cattle happened because the food wasn't taken care of properly and started growing mold, like what happened in Salem during the witch trials. The first born son was culturally the first to eat, and the mold sat on TOP of the grain so everyone that ate after him didn't get the mold. The same food was also used to feed the cattle which is why THEY died.

As for the destruction itself of Soddom and Ghomorrah (however you spell it), there is a good amount of evidence based of recorded events in the middle east that show a small asteroid impact occured around Austria. When that happened, using science, they were able to deduce the weather patterns and the fact that the debris from the impact is what rained down upon that general area of the planet. It was a random event from an asteroid that probably came from another collision between two larger asteroids in our asteroid belt. One similar incidence happened in Russia around 1908, and the asteroid was only a couple hundred feet big. It caused so much damage because the asteroid or comet exploded just before reaching the ground, flattening hundreds of square miles of forest. It had the explosive force 1000 times greater than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, roughly equivilant to about 13-20 megatons of TNT exploding at one time.

Also, a monogomous gay relationship isn't a perversion, it's the expression of the human desire and need for companionship. In addition, there is lots of scientific evidence that supports that a human being's sexuality is determined by genetic markers in DNA, which is created before birth, meaning it is NOT a choice. As far as I understand religion, that's God's work right? So it stands to reason that God probably created Gay people as a natural form of birth control so we don't OVER populate the planet. It hasn't worked though because Gays have been forced into hiding for hundreds upon thousands of years thanks to ignornat interpretaion of religion.

God created the Earth, it's solar system, and the Universe. Therefore God ALSO created the science that governs all things, from physics to genetics. That said, denying the science behind these things is like denying God him/herself. If you do choose to deny it, that's okay; the great thing about science is that you don't have to like or agree, or even believe it, but it is ALWAYS there and right no matter what your opinion.

Also to point out, Jesus never condemned gays or even said anything about them in his original teachings. Leviticus, a HUMAN, wrote that into the bible after it had ALREADY been rewritten by more humans. A lot of religious and educated scholars have interpreted his passage about a man lying with another man as more about property rights, as women were treated as property like cattle were. He also states that you may not wear fabric woven from different cloths and eating shellfish as a sin, right before that particular passage bible thumpers love to tote. Hope you've never bought any clothes from Old Navy, Gap, etc, and have never eaten a shrimp, clam, or lobster.

You cannot literally interperate something written in a dead language thousands of years ago, then rewritten by humans and rewritten again. Look how different just the English language is from what it was 400 years ago, words to do not mean the same things a lot of the time. It is ludicris to imagine an exact translation from a language like Arameic to English and have it be perfect. That is often impossible today with languages like Spanish, Russian, etc. Words we have in English simply do not exist. Sentence structure is different, as is grammmar, in a lot of cases. If you are going to interperate the bible you can't just simply read it once, you have to take things in context and study it for years. And if you don't do that and simply translate its message literally, you are not really learning your religion, you're blindly following it. I'm sure that's NOT what Jesus would have wanted. And religious people wonder why he hasn't returned.