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After watching the first four episodes, I have to admit, it's boring.  I want to like it, but it just kind of lays there, flat.  Remember what made Queer as Folk so good?  It was compelling, edgy, and faced national issues head-on.  It was un-apologetic with it's sexual frankness.  Looking, well, so far it's more like Snoozing.  Having lived in San Francisco, I found gay life in the city to be unlike anywhere else in this country.  San Francisco is kind of a vacuum, so maybe that's why the show doesn't ring with many.  I think the show would have been more interesting if it were located in a more midwestern city/town, where everyday life for gay men is MUCH different, and more relatable to a great many people.  Unless you live, or have lived in San Francisco, it's kind of alienating.