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We can give first hand accounts of how Mississippi beats from it's own drum..... We lived in Mississippi for the past 13 years and owned a small chain of video stores as well in Mississippi. The religious crazies there destroyed our business, we received death threats, I have been ran off of the road, we were threatened to be burned out of our home, we had one of our homes taken away from us, and this was done all under the guise of "God"! While all of this was happening I have been fighting for my life becasuse I am terminally ill. Mind you, this is a very short and brief explanation of the events that happened but let me tell you, Mississippi is definitely not a welcoming place for the Gay/Lesbian community! My husband and I have been together for 25 years and have lived in some very conservative places before but this state is by far the worse.... When you try to report these illegal things that happen to you, the law enforcement is right in the middle of it as well...... My suggestion is, if you have a chance to visit Mississippi DON'T GO!!!