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I am so glad a friend of mine shared this article with me. I had a look, and read the follow-up comments. Some of you 'gays' are so clueless. Too many 'gay people' just don't understand that just because a guy - like myself - has same gender attractions, this does not make him GAY. GAY has nothing to do with sexual orientation. GAY is more accurately a descriptor of behavior; of cultural expressions; and truly is only applicable to a tiny minority. A majority of men have varying degrees of feelings of same gender affection, yet absolutely do not identify with, or align themselves with, anything GAY, or the GAY community. In recent decades, the unwillingness of some men to change their (dangerous) sexual behaviors; the inclusion of gender-benders, cross-dressers and various other fetish/fringe factions (which have NOTHING to do with same-gender-affection) in a community originally geared toward males; the ignorance of the fact that only 38-40% of men identify as totally heterosexual; the arrogant insistence that the above mentioned fringe minorities dominate the public perception of same-gender-attracted men - these cumulative and misleading factors have made it impossible for men like myself to identify as GAY. Same-Gender-Attracted? Yes. Homosexual? Possibly (although that descriptor is tainted as well). But definitely not GAY. Yet, that pink-tinged outrageously flamboyant contingent continually comes flouncing to the foreground, proclaiming they represent my feelings and identity. NO. YOU DON'T! Shut Up!

Did anyone ever possibly consider that the Senator just simply does not IDENTIFY as GAY, as in 'a boa-wearing, rainbow-flag-waving, nelly flamboyant queer'? He could still be same-gender-attracted, but sees GAY as I see it...a failed social experiment that has gone off the rails and is a community falsely dominated by a too-visible fringe minority that creates disgust in the public psyche.

The sooner 'GAYS' come to a decision about what gender they wish to be perceived as, and the sooner MEN who know they are male put their foot down and give the fringe the boot, the better off the 60% amBIsexual majority will be. If the even tinier faction of weirdos (within the homosexual "10%") wish to be known as GAY, fine, knock yourselves out. But don't expect me or my buddies to be a part of it and please quit proclaiming you represent US, because WE don't want to be known by those representations.