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I am not in the closet at all...I just refuse to allow my same-gender-affection be represented by and defined by the worst the gay Community has to offer, including those individuals posting here in response that are angered by the fact that I refuse to fall into lockstep with the official gay mantras and definitions.

And by the way, I don't loathe myself...I loathe those gays that refuse to let their peers be individuals. The minute someone criticizes bad behavior in the gay cmmunity, everyone has an apoplectic fit. How dare he criticize us. Look in the mirror guys, the gay community, in many ways, is long overdue to be criticized FROM WITHIN.

You wish to be perceived as a man...then don't nod your head in tacit agreement when the gay world talks about Sisterhood. Get mad and criticize!

A trans personis not part of the MALE same-gender-attracted community. They shouldn't be offended at all by my opinion. They are part of the TRANS community.