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I think you'll find that people are starting realise that not all gays fit the stereotypes you don't associate with.  I don't fit these stereotypes either, yet when I watch myself in a video, my gaydar still detects my homosexuality.  You could try this yourself. Michael Sam and Jason Collins ring a bell?  People like this ex-senator typify many gay young men whom I taught as secondary high school students. The worst homophobes, maybe you were one at school, were gay themselves the whole time, yet never came out at school because they didn't want to support the flamers, the effeminate boys who copped all the bullying and had to leave school early, uneducated and damaged for life. Significantly, their closeted gay brothers not only did NOTHING to help them, they were ringleaders in assaults and daily faggot calling needling.  Today, these young men hang their heads in shame at their inaction.  Think again before you recoil at the activism their personal story has spawned.

I agree with you that the LGBT community needs to be strong enough to criticise itself from within, but it WILL represent you unchallenged unless you climb in and become a dissenting voice yourself, and contribute to its diversity. Your comments to this thread have perhaps been a start for you, but from here on in, please show some respect to the flamers who were martyrs for you, the drag queens at Stonewall whose riots precipitated the revolution that allows you to marry your same sex partner today.  Sectarianism is damaging enough in the wider world without allowing it to destroy the "one step forward" you acknowledge we've made so far.