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"Sexuality is more fluid than most realize." THAT was MY point...but clearly the majority or responses to me are insisting that I identify myself as GAY.

When 1) that description does not fit at all, and 2) I refuse to be associated with the elements that who the hell knows who included under that label.

I have no unresolved issues. They all went away when I stopped trying to fit into a community that has elements that I can't identify with. When I joined the majority of men - the range between totally hetero and homosexual (a majority, as you pointed out in your statement I quoted) I found that place where I fit in - despite my attraction to only men. But it appears there are individuals that can't stand the fact that I choose to remain outside the GAY minority.

The only negative perception I have are related to BEHAVIOR, not identity...people can be who they are. Just don't claim to represent ME. "Still in the fire..."? Don't be melodramatic. I am 57 years old and have never encountered any discrimination...EXCEPT that discrimination exhibited here (I admit, I knew it was coming). Thank you all for proving my point. Anyone different than the small faction of extreme GAYS is rejected by that small faction (who then claim to be speaking for the majority of men...) I've been in this debate for going on 10 years. No matter what, you guys will still be part of that fringe minority...that you allow yourselves to be dictated to by an even smaller minority.