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No struggle at all, Keith. The struggle was when I tried to conform to the gay world. When I let go of that, all has been great.

BTW, some of those epithets you suggest are used quite often within gaydom - queer, faggot, fairy - I find that hypocritical...and something I do not want to be around.

I suggest to admonish your peers to open their mind to the fact that a majority (up to 50% of men) who are same-gender-attracted to varying degrees - OR bisexual - just do not fit in the gay world. And they never asked to be included in the LG B T community. Please admonish your peers to stop trying to force us to conform to THEIR world! Funny how they will accept Drag Queens, Barebackers, Fisters, and the HIV+ social hook-up community (it's all part of the culture, don't you know...) but someone like me...who chooses to stand up for myself and MY identity, is not accepted. The proof is clear...if we were all in the same room right now...there are at least a half dozen individuals who I fear would succumb to mob mentality and I'd be hanging by the neck right now. Way to prove the GAY tolerance for diversity outside their community!