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What are "the good male role models"? Why don't you define that? How do you know, that because they disagree with you, they aren't good role models? Who made you the judge and jury of that term and them??? Patrick, the more you write on this blog, the more you sound like you have issues, whether or not you're closeted. You would actually waste time with all this to prove the point that you are ..a dick???? It should have been spent on some "good male role models"! Sounds to me like your father wasn't one and you've been trying to find it "exploring" the gay community and then blaming them for it..and my flouncy, queeny brothers are too extreme in their diversity and self-expression. But you know, Patrick, they are the ones I love first and the most because, In every country, culture, race and ethnic division you will find my flouncy, queeny brothers whom DNA has refused to hide so that they have historically been on the front lines of physical and sexual abuse, rape, castration, genocide and are still there in 2014! I love them, regardless of their behaviour, because I know they have more courage than you to struggle to survive in this brutal world. You have nothing to contribute to the LGBTQI community so just move along with your hand-job mentality. Go put yourself up on some altar of male perfection when you find it but be careful some closeted priest ain't gonna want a lil sum-sum!