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"take the high road" is a great bumper sticker. In the real world, when you make choices, there are consequences. He has made conscious choices to inflict pain on other gay people. He made conscious decisions to not only support but to lobby for legislation to restrict the freedoms of gay men and women. Where is the heart felt atonement for his past actions? Sure he lobbied his former party to pass one piece of legislation. Where is the mea culpa? He is a pompous piece of shit that could not say the words of his own accord. There is no bravery in the statement he made. It was a mealy-mouthed politician's answer to a question. I'm sure this piece of shit feels absolutely no remorse for the pain he's inflicted on his fellow gay brothers and sisters. And please, the cop-out that he didn't realize he was gay is complete and utter bullshit. NO ONE wakes up one day and suddenly realizes they're attracted to their own sex...that is a bullshit, cowardly cop-out.