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Rape is bad, end of discussion! A rapist can be any nationality,high class, low class, middle class DOESN"T MATTER! The important thing to remember is that no matter who you're with you should always be cautious. I'm a black male in my early 20s with a healthy social life as well as a healthy sex life. I go to bars/clubs/and other social events and I also use grindr,scruff,a4a etc.. and if I meet someone and I either bring them to my place or I go to theirs i'm smart about it and will let someone know where I am and who i'm with, but I can't foresee the future and just have to be prepared and analyze the situation.Though we don't know the detail of what happened in the dialouge of these two men before they met maybe the victim did take precautions, but sometimes people get played and this could happen to anyone at anytime throughout the day doing any mundane task.

I don't wish this upon anyone and neither should you people who believe "he deserve what he got" because people are people and if they want to rob you or rape you then they'll do it no matter what their occupation or status is within our society.

  If your lifestyle doesn't consist of apps such as grindr, scruff, a4a, and etc..GREAT! BEAUTIFUL! I'm happy for you, but you shouldn't condemn another person's lifestyle by calling them trashy and filthy just because they use these apps, to each is their own. There's a wide range of an audience that these apps cater for: The business man too busy to have a social life, The all around shy guy, the sexually open couples, sexually open people who don't believe in relationships, I could go on and on with a list, but I feel like some of you are so caught up in your own ways that what you'll probably disregard anything that i'm saying and continue to focus on the fact there's a white man that has been assaulted by a black man and if this was in reverse it wouldn't have gotten nearly the amount of attention.  I've read some of the previous comments on that have already been posted and all this talk about this class system has just knocked us back a century. HELLO PEOPLE IT'S 2014!