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First of all, ANYONE who thinks this is racially motivated is blissfully (for them) ignorant of reality. The rest of us are forced to endure this type of elective stupidity. Second, why is this more newsworthy than the countless male on female assaults, rapes and abuses that happen every day? While I share more empathy and experience with this man than I care to admit, it illustrates the gap between the way men and women are portrayed in the media. I do hope that scumbag is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the victim seeks treatment for any resulting pain. Still men are told to be careful and make smart choices, women are told what to wear, how to act and to trust no one or that it was all their fault for - fill in the blank-, and trans are told to hide. When will we stop treating the symptoms of a broken society and start treating the break?