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Geez, relax, Rob. Up until not too long ago there weren't ANY magazines like Instinct, Attitude, Freshman or Out for us to buy or subscribe to. Buying any kind of mag with shirtless men meant going to a porn shop and dealing with THAT whole scene and hot celebs wouldn't even whisper the word gay in a dark room, surrounded by blasting radios in the antarctic. Excuse us for wanting a little shirtless David Beckham with our morning news. Its time to celebrate our freedom to be unashamed of who we are. And I'm pretty damn happy I can see half naked hotties without havin to make a trip to a "specialty" shop every time. Hell, I remember when all we had was Out and the Advovate. One boring, (to a teenager) the other exciting, both in the back row of the top shelf in the adult section. Be thankful we're finally being accepted and respected. Much love!