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U can tell these aren't American. 

Straight men here are to insecure with their sexuality and are taught not to be over friendly with their bro's. It's gotten a little better over the last 5-10 years. 

But straight guys here in America would never go as far as these guys 

I don't think there is anything wrong with friends acting like that. 

Girls do it. It's just being humans. European country has just been around longer and they have moved on past this petty little shit mostly about what a boy can and can't do 

u go boys 

kiss ur BFF if u want to. Isn't anything wrong with it. Plus those girls were bitches. Don't u know women most penis' appear smaller when limp 

Another reason being around other men naked that understand the male body is much comfy 

women just want to judge it as is 

it's not like boobs a penis isn't as is. It grows. Typically the larger it is limp means the less it grows when erect 

this isn't always the case 

just stop judging them 

they were having fun 

I'm jealous of their bond and how much fun they have