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I'm not gonna lie, being a Black 34 year old gay man from Connecticut....I get so sick of seeing white gay representation. I love that these two men are in love, but for me (Not being a dumb ass racist, but real as I can be) would of loved to see him w another man of color. White gays, especially where I now live, Atlanta are so closeted prejudice but lusting after the body & sex of us black man. Are we good enough to introduce to ur family? NOOO! Are we good enough to have a glass of wine & shoot the shit w ur friends? NOOOO! I honestly feel like we are a taboo, and a mandingo fantasy to be desired..... Thats it.......Even though white gay men face discrimination, they are Still white, and holds onto their white superiority & privilege. Instinct & all the other gay, predominantly white magazines rarely ever features stories about Black gay men * Except for a H.I.V. ad* Feature us on covers....LOGO channel should be called, WGO"White Gays Only.....It's not fair......It hurts as a man if color and also gay. Therefore, I don't date white men, and only date Men of Color exclusively.