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See this is what I can't stand about gay black men, and I would like to add this is being written by a gay black man, why does colour even have to be an issue? Are we not past this yet? Instead of being a pain in the neck "hater" and disliking the fact you can't get a date with any race, why can't you just be happy they are together?

You wonder why gay black men don't want to date other gay black men? It's because this is the type of crap they have to put up with within their own community! Other races see a beautiful black man they want to get to know. But to you, if it isn't black-on-black, all you see is a problem?! The Black Panthers did not fight so you could have the right to complain! They fought so you wouldn't have anything to complain about!  

So before you whine and whine that "Oh why doesn't he date within his own race?" Just remember this! It was only 40-something odd years ago (remember Stonewall if not Google it) we wouldn't even be allowed to debate this in public, without being arrested, and it was ONLY 10 years before that YOU wouldn't be allowed to complain at all. Not without someone adding, "Shut up Negro!" after you were done speaking. You want to live Dr. King's dream then "Keep your eye on prize!" And not on the guys! Oh how some people forget where they came from! Can I get a witness?!!