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I think it is very important to recognize the fight that LGBT people around the world are facing now. In this article (and tons of others like it) we praise celebrities for doing something which so many others have done before, and at a much higher cost.

Yet this is the article where people leave comments of praise and triumph because someone made the "bold" move of coming out to a camera and a crowd. Let's see how this stacks up with the people facing "pitchforks and torches" in Africa or even the 10 year old that's thinking about suicide as a better option than standing up for himself because he feels different and is bullied by his parents, siblings, and/or class mates ... if Gerald or Derrick faced these issues in their past, let us hear about that - not whether their paychecks will be affected by this decision.

I am very glad to hear about a success story for our community, but these are not the individuals moving the world along, they just happen to catch a free ride at the front of the bus at a good time of the day.