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Oh Black people are so comical. Yall claim racism every second you get, can't seem to let go of "slavery" even  though that happened decades stacked upon decades ago, claim that your "people" are the most hated upon and face the most prejudice... MEANWHILE yall attack any type of other minority group you can, especially the Gay & Lesbian community. Yall are damn fools. You make me feel ashamed to be a young Black American. You represent us in the most hypocritical way. Then yall wonder why no one takes us seriously. Little do you know we are ALL God's children and ALL deserve his blessings. The bible states that "It is not good that man shall be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him" Genesis 2:18 It doesn't state anything about the gender of this helper. So for those of you throwing the bible, please know it. Be happy for them not angry.