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Dear People against Marriage Equality:

Let me put it this way: I've worked and paid taxes since age fourteen. I'm now 68. My taxes went to all the same places yours went EXCEPT for LGBT couples or anything to do with our community. Our taxes paid for your highways, your children's schools, your legislators that you vote for and who tell you great lies to make you think they're going to be good to you. For 68 years I have been nothing other than a gay man. If gay sex repulses you, have you ever considered that straight sex might repulse most, or at least some, of us?

We have been denied equal rights in a nation that guarantees equal rights. And it's all because laws were written based on religious beliefs even though that was forbidden by our founding fathers in the Constitution they prepared that supposedly gave us all equality. 

Even so, you don't see gay people going around shooting schools or raping women and cutting them up like a side of beef. The majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.

If any of you dislike the LGBT community based on what your preacher's or parents' misinterpreting of the Holy Books brought your way, you need to get out more often and meet different types of people. It's not only gay people you hate but any people who aren't exactly like you who are so terrified of this world you refuse to accept anyone who's different. That's your problem and you've made it ours.

I'll be goddamned if gay people are going back into the closet to suit the likes of you bigoted freaks. Every single word of hate that comes out of your mouths is totally against what Jesus taught us. Every act of violence against anyone is absolutely not done with the approval of Jesus Christ, the man whom you all refer to as your Lord and Savior. Read the damned Bible for yourselves and quit listening to someone else and you might learn what Jesus was really like and quit your fucking bullying everyone. You will still do it as an adult (our Republican and Tea Party legislators are a perfect example) if you don't take it upon yourselves to learn the Truth about Jesus.

Many of you hate Jews. Have you ever asked yourself why? Is there any reason you can state to me why you hate Jews? If it's because a monster named Adolf Hitler did, do you know why he hated Jews? Because his mother's doctor was a Jew and the good doctor could not cure Adolph's mother's illness. Plus, Adolph was a wannabe artist and a lot of Jewish people are into the arts because many of them are very talented. Because of is awkward behavior (because he was in a closet just like you people have kept us in a closet forever), most of the people in Berlin's art scene rejected him and didn't want to talk to him. Still love your Hitler?

Well, thanks to people like you and the people you elect, there is a new phase of Hitler's style of running a country coming up. And it's been at work for about 30 years now and, in the form of the Tea Party, is quickly taking our freedoms away and this time yours will be gone, too. So, my friends, instead of being so quick to judge and hate and harm what may be among the most peace-loving people on earth, you'd best spend some time covering your own asses because we're all going down in the name of Corporate Law. And the creators of your beloved Tea Party, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, are the ones who have divided us so severely that there may be no hope of our ever becoming as one united nation again. 

Thank you for not only hating people needlessly, but for supporting the very people who have stolen our Democracy. And you call us sick.