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I think it's pretty ridiculous to post a "thanks for copying us" comment publicly. Sure, maybe INSTINCT got the idea from GAILY GRIND. But I posted this video June 16, 2014—and it's a 2-year-old video that nobody else was talking about. A reader tipped me to it. Does that mean GAILY GRIND "copied" me without credit? Maybe. It's also possible that when I posted it, people started sharing it a bit more than they had over the past 2 years and it got shared to the point where someone at GAILY GRIND and then at INSTINCT saw it. INSTINCT often uses stuff I post by posting the entire content and then giving me a "h/t" at the end of it. This means very few hits (unlike the leading links I use in my round-ups), but it does at least give credit for where the inspiration came from. Just my two cents—the "copying" charge is hard to prove, especially when the content is not original to any of us to begin with. I think there's room for all the gay sites.