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I am a gay Christian who is in a committed relationship with another man.  Yes, a sexual one.  Personally, I don't agree with his views.  However benign or gentle his message may seem, however delicately and directly he asserts that he is still a gay man, he still holds to the viewpoint that being gay is a sin, I.E. WRONG.  

To me, as far as the gay community goes, this is an enemy sympathizer.  He may "technically" be counted as being one of us but he adheres to the tenets of the enemy, which is that being gay is something that should be repressed, shoved down, and ignored.  What he's saying is that basically no matter how loving or wonderful a same-sex relationship is, it is still noxious and wrong in the eyes of God.

Is this not the very sentiment that we've been fighting all these years?  That being gay is a sin, wrong, immoral, and ultimately against everything that's natural?  I see no difference now, not even when it's being pandered by one who professes to be a member of our demographic.  

I’m not angry or jaded about that fact, nor do I look at sacrificing my own sexuality to God as a tragedy.

Also, I disagree, quite heatedly, with this sentiment.  I would be EXTREMELY angry and bitter about a deity that creates me, "blesses" me with a "deviant" sexual orientation, and then orders me NOT to act on the natural desires that he has given me.  I do see that as missing out and I do see that as a tragedy.  

In conclusion, I see the very premise of his point as being honeyed poison.  Even if he is "one of our own," even if he offers his statements as blandly and politely as possible, the bottom line is that he believes that being gay is a SIN, one naturally given yet one that needs to be repressed and denied.  In my eyes, he is a double agent pandering the enemy's propaganda.  

But, that's just my humble opinion.