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Screw all the people shaming him for his decision, and eagerly pushing him right or left in their minds, thinking that he's hiding behind shame and guilt given by the Bible. What if- and this is just a thought- what if, it actually brings him joy to make the decision to abstain from gay sex *gasp*? Joy and pleasure are not the same thing. One is derived from an eternal standpoint while the other is fleeting. He chooses to give up the temporary to chase the eternal. He chooses what he believes is glorifying to God, and living out what he believes his purpose is. In the video, it's purely about his view, I don't see him talking about anyone else.

People who choose not to abstain, sure, fine. That's your decision. But do not place other people under your standard. You have made your choice. And you can also decide to relate to the video, or not. That is also your choice. Don't go putting words in other people's mouths though. Like he can't have a thought or make a thought for himself? That's just degrading to humanity.