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If he thinks so, isn't that enough to respect?  Why do some people feel so obligated to offer up an opposing opinion when given a chance.  Take the high road, feel good for him that he is happy.  Let it go.  If you want to make a video explaining your life, do so but when you do, I hope those commenting are as kind as you are being.  How smart do you really think you are?  LOL, I mean really!  What a waste.  You must be an absolute joy to be around, LOL.  You know that comment that we hate hearing?  That one that straight people say and we freak out about, the one that someone says "Stop being a ###!"  "You're such a ###".  Well, you're the reason.  So predictable and so common.  You bore me.  You don't have a unique bone in your body and it is a shame that you decide to attack one of your own.  Tsk Tsk!