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Thanks Bea Dazzled.  It would be nice if those who spoke on our behalf would address this issue this aggressively on a regular basis.  It would also be nice if those gays who call themselves Christians and defend men like this would realize it's not all equal.  The anti-gay crowd is basically saying we (straight Christians) can do what we like and say "we're saved" while you (gay man/woman) must live as a monk/nun or "convert".  Saying that's a "fair" argument is a lie.  In our heart of hearts we know it.  Don't accept it or give it legitimacy.  We've existed for thousands of years.  Enough is enough.  Call them out.  List their sins intelligently.  Turn the tables on them and their horribly sinful lives.  I can't believe they have the gall to come to a gay website and wipe their feet on us.  It's a big deal that they think they can come here and judge us.  That's how arrogant they've become.