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I find it a little sad that the only place where I read negative frankly homophobic things about Frankie is from other Gay men on sites like Instinct.  Did we really fight this battle for equality so that we could just become the macho worshipping cretins who harassed us all in our youth?  Have we come all this way so that the only acceptable way to be Gay is put on Bro' drag and watch sports?  Frankie is such a positive role model for all of us.  He's made friends with every single person in that house through the shear force of his positive energy and yes his flaming flamboyant personality. He's won over the two reputed homophobes Cody and Caleb, he's friends with the backwoods rube and the born again Christian zealot.  And on top of it, Zach a guy who self identifies as straight has essentially fallen in love with him.  Yes the All American straight Bro fell for the nelly showtune queen.  I think all the bitches on this comment thread are ust jealous.