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If you are reading this, trust me this man can help you. i was at the point of no return and giving up all together. my wife left me, my friends abandoned me, i was having problems at work and no matter what i did my wife didn’t want to come back. i went through about 18 spellcasters and was scammed, they didn’t do anything for me. not even the slightest result at all. i went to psychics who told me that she would come back and blah blah blah, i went to “healers” so called, to get my “energy” right so that she could come back, i did anything and everything.
by the time i met with DRORRIWO, i said if he can’t do this or if he turns me away, then i guess i will have to give up. i was very very skeptical when i came in, because i just felt there was really no hope, but was willing to give it one last shot.
so i set up with his assistant (thank you for all your help!) and i went in for an in person reading. the first thing he told me was that he knew about my situation, that he saw i had been everywhere and that i wanted my wife back and called her by her name. i was honestly stunned. noone i had been to had done that, in fact, it kind of freaked me out a bit.
he told me my case would take time to fix, that i needed to do alot of cleansings because of the spells i had gotten caste for me, he said that it would be a slow process but that we could get her to at least honestly consider getting back with me. i was about to tell him ‘ she has a new man’ when he suddenly said, you know she has a new man with a T name.” and that was correct tooo.
so i decided to give it a shot. he told me he couldn’t guarantee anything and that it would take a while, but after everything he told me in the reading i felt, i just had to give it a shot. he was so on point, so direct, he used phrases that my wife had used when we seperated, he named her by name, he told me what was going on . . . no way i was not going to at least try. I felt a bit stupid, that i had paid tons of people who were not even half as good as hector to help me. i felt like if only i had met him before (i am glad he finally put up this site, because i told him he wasn’t easy at all to find. i found him almost by accident)

to make a long story short, that was almost 10 months ago when i had that first reading. since then i have completed most of the process and during that process, at first i started to feel better, then as time went on, my life started going back on track. things started to go my way again. then after about my third step in the process, my wife called me sobbing. she had broken up with the other man. little by little, with hectors help, we got closer and closer. we were able to rebuild our friendship, a little step at a time.

now we are dating again. we are taking it slow this time. not everything is great all the time yet, but overall we are doing very good. we are already talking about me moving back in.

so if you are reading this, and you need help, and you are like me and you went everywhere and don’t know whether or not it is worth it, im telling you it definately is. DRORRIWO work is really worth its weight in gold and DRORRIWO is an awesome man, a very gifted man and i feel really blessed that he shares this gift with me and helps me and other people with it. he made me a believer again, not only in magic, but in love and in people. i will always work with DRORRIWO and only DRORRIWO as he is the only one i trust, because his work is awesome and he does a great service to people with it. and his staff is a pleasure to work with tooo.
thank you again DRORRIWO
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