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who cares if he is gay starlight or an alien. 

What ever Rihanna said is her opinion and she entailed to it, as all of you are entitled to an opinion but the difference between what some of you are saying and what she said are completely different. Calling her ugly, stay out of people lives, horrible music. Where do you people get off by putting someone down, does it make you feel better about yourselves? I never go around putting people down because it makes no sense, I have opinions and maybe they are not the nicest at every moment, but I don't go about by posting these disgusting words of hate, envy, and hurt for others can see just how screwed up one can be inside.

Grow the fuck up! Let this dude, rihanna, and everyone else live their lives in peace, no one needs shitty input. If she is happy let her be happy, if you got nothing nice to say don't say it, your comments are worthless as "none of these people will read them" and finally spread the love not the ignorance.