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Regardless how much this particular story does or does not reflect Card's beliefs, supporting the film supports the author.  Shame on Lion's Gate for not properly vetting the project and knowing his views and realizing the impact of the author's views and actions.  Or they were foolish enough to hope they'd get away without anyone noticing.  Or worse yet, it is deliberate support of Card.  

I have heard thoughts rolling about to consider staging premiers and other event about the film as LGBT-related fund raisers.  The hope it eases the sting of the situation.  No it cannot.  Regardless of the situation, nothing can whitewash the issue.  

Orson Scott Card is a homophobe and staunchly voices his views publicly and lends his support, through word and dollars.  Even if this specific project does not clearly espouse that facet of his beliefs, it gives him a larger platform from which to spout intolerance and hate, and adds to the funds to lend support to others of his ilk.  Lion's Gate does a disservice to the gender minority it claims to embrace and support.