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The Vatican Loves Big D*ck Porn, According To New Data

New numbers released from Pornhub (one of the largest such sites in the world) gives us a delicious peek behind the scenes at the porn habits of some of the globe's most anti-gay countries, including the Vatican, in a study titled  Culturally Repressed Nations Secretly Rebel w/ Gay Adult Entertainment.

According to numbers crunched by Pornhub statisticians based on data held by the website, visitors from the United Arab Emirates lust for "big pecs," visitors in Yemen want "" and those in Saudi Arabia want "argentino" when they conduct gay porn searches. 

But the real chin scratcher comes from Pornhub's report on most visited categories (general, not specifically gay) which reveals that the Vatican likes to look at mature pornography first and "big dick" second, while Yemen, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia click on the teen category the most. 

As far as male pornstars go, folks at the Vatican are fans of Rocco Siffredi, Zeb Atlas stakes his claim on the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia loves James Deen. 

Are you surprised by the male-desiring porn habits of these anti-gay countries? Did you think "twink" would out rank "big d*ck" at the Vatican?