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Hi, I am Russian , but I live in the US. Russia will never change, neither is anyone who is not Russian or isnt from there, will understand the inner working of the Russian government and mentality. Russian government beginning with the Soviet was always very similar to Russian criminal societies structure. Putin is Boss and it will be how he says, and if its not him, it will be someone else. You cannot undo almost 100 years of a certain mentality and structure, in just 2 decades ( i am not even talking about just The Russian mentality, which is almost 3 times as old as US). I dont approve it, i dont dissaprove it, i just understand that this is how it is and will be. (what I am talking about is the way Russia is operated, not just the Anti-Gay lawst)

To all those that start bashing a person for not agreeing with their lifestyle choice and saying that NEO-NAZIs should bash HIM or whatever, is the same as the first person commenting Do YOU like and agree with everyones lifestyle and choices?. I personally dont care about your lifestyle, I dont like it when I see 2 guys kissing,  but I wouldnt ever beat you or demean you because of it.  That small difference is called an intellect, culture and civility. Something that those people in the video do not have. They are what you call "BIDLA" or "Low Class Scum".  Also remember this, Putin came from KGB, he is a cop at heart and that is how he runs the country. Basically he runs it similar to all the others, just on the low.